Please Don’t Follow Me On Twitter

Please don’t follow me on Twitter.

I know, I know, a little strange. In a world of “Follow me on Twitter!” and “Like me on Facebook” and “Turn on your Instagram notifications,” I probably sound like a crazy fool asking you not to follow me.

Dont Follow Me On Twitter

But hear me out.

I’m not on Twitter to gain followers. I didn’t start my Twitter account to gain popularity. I don’t have a Follower count goal in mind, and I don’t celebrate the milestones.

So why do I post several times a day, follow other accounts, participate in Tweetchats, and proclaim Twitter as my favorite social media platform? To connect.   I would rather have connections, interactions, and conversations than I would gain followers.  So instead, come say hello, and introduce yourself!

Follow Me On Twitter Call Out

I’m On Twitter To Connect

I take joy in connecting with people. Whether it be on a personal level (“You live in Colorado? So did I for a few years!”) or a professional level (“I learned a lot from your article on Google Analytics!”), I have found Twitter to be the best social platform for meeting new people. Twitter is an environment of “open-door policy” – dropping in and introducing yourself is not only acceptable, it’s also encouraged!

Connecting on Twitter
I met @abcpanotary at a #bufferchat, and reached out to say hello! Hey there, Andrew!

Have you participated in a TweetChat? If not, I highly recommend finding one (or more!) that interests you – here’s my list of my favorite Tweetchats. I work from home, and connecting with people on Twitter is a nice break from the isolation of remote working! I get a little twinge of excitement when I see my Notifications.

I’m On Twitter To Learn

I have discovered SO many incredibly helpful resources on Twitter. I follow many people in my field that I admire – community managers, customer service experts, digital marketers, freelance professionals, etc. But I don’t stop there. I also follow food bloggers, fitness experts, photographers, seamstresses, friends, comedians, and just regular folks who write cool tweets! I want to learn from anyone who’s passionate and good at what they do, and Twitter is a terrific arena for that.

Learning On Twitter
If you’re a blogger, this is a great article by @KWalshPhillips!

With platforms like Twitter, we’re no longer limited by physical proximity. We can have conversations with people all over the world, and gain insight that we may not otherwise have access to. If you’re open to a wide array of connections, you have access to so much more perspective, wisdom, and information. It’s incredible!  If you have a helpful article, please send it to me or post it in the comments!  I’m eager to absorb more information, and share it.

I’m On Twitter To Share

I’m not an expert, guru, maven, rock star, or champion. I’m not special – I know a zillion people who do what I do – and I don’t call myself such. But here’s what I can say about myself: I work hard, I love to learn, and I long to put my passion and experience of helping people online to good use.

Sharing on Twitter
An article I shared on the power of empathy!

I share my experiences (hence, this blog!) to reflect on what I’ve done, share what I know, and hopefully gain feedback so that I can continue to grow. If my insight can help someone, fantastic!

I’m On Twitter To Get Inspired (And To Inspire)

From inspirational quotes to fun facts to baby animal pics to helpful tidbits to valuable advice, my Twitter feed is an invaluable source of inspiration. Thank you, Twitter community, for providing that! Sometimes it’s within 140 characters, and sometimes it’s an article I have to save for later.

Inspire on Twitter
A little Twitter inspiration from @brianmawdsley.

But I’ve found that people who want to be of value are the most inspirational people you’ll encounter. Hopefully I provide that as well on occasion!

*     *     *     *      *     *

That’s NOT to say I don’t keep a careful eye on my analytics. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a data nerd who loves to see what’s happening with each tweet, and what makes people tick. Yep, I use hashtags and images to reach a broader audience. Yes, I love seeing Likes, Retweets, and even the Follower metrics increase. And yes, I use the data to write and schedule future tweets. But I use the data to achieve my ultimate goals – to connect with more people around the globe, learn from as many awesome folks as possible, and to start and continue as many conversations as time allows.  So come say hello, and let’s connect!

Why are you on Twitter?